Corbion is the global market leader in lactic acid and lactic acid derivatives.

Corbion has an established technology platform based on over 80 years of fermentation experience. Corbion work hand in hand with their customers to make their technology work for them.

Tackling a meaty challenge

Our meat preservation and safety solutions enable you to combat harmful microbes, extend shelf life and reduce sodium in meat – simply, effectively and naturally. By using our PURASAL and Opti.Form® solutions you can protect and enhance meat for longer – crucial as supply chains get stretched and the risk of contamination grows.

We can help you achieve this while remaining label friendly – through our Verdad® family, which is proven, easy to process and natural. Meanwhile, solutions like PuraQ Arome NA4 help you reduce salt in meat but with no compromise on taste.
Protecting your brand is a meaty challenge, but we’ve got it covered.

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Sodium Reduction
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Food Safety and Listeria Control
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Label Friendly & Cost Effective Shelf Life Solutions
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